Süßwarenverkauf auf dem Markt1994 Sale of confectionery on markets all over Germany

1998 Foundation of the existing wholesaleGründung des Großhandels
Hochregallager2001 opening of a rack storage with 300 stock units

2010 Expansion of the fleet and opening of the new high-bay warehouse
with a storage capacity of round about 800 pallets in Dortmund Östrich.Luftaufnahme des Hochregallagers in Do-Östrich

2010 to present -  Expansion of the export sector.
Unser Fuhrpark - To date we export in over 20 countries.

2012, 2013 and 2014 - Exhibitor at the IAW- trade fair in Cologne.

2013 - Opening of the second high-bay warehouse 
Unser Hochregallager in Do-Dorstfeldwith a storage capacity of about 300 pallets in Dortmund Dorstfeld